Put brilliance to work. It's more than a slogan, it's a call to the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Biotechnology Industries that we have stepped up and are providing ways for the brightest people to put their talents to work. We are a meeting ground for opportunity.


Clinical Resourcing

We contract teams to run clinical trials.

Clinical Research Associates
Regulatory Team Members
Safety Team Members
Data Statisticians
Study Managers
Medical Writers


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Field Force Support

We contract and manage teams to help clients sell and support medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

OR Case Coverage
Nurse Educator Teams
Product Conversion
Clinical Specialists
MSL Teams
Marketing Reps

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About Us

Our Focus

ConsignMed serves pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and related manufacturers with clinical research and field support teams and project management.

We love science, people, and partnerships.

Our History

ConsignMed was founded in March of 2003. Our Founder, working as an Independent Monitor within a Sponsor Company, observed several unmet needs by Research Professionals and Sponsor Companies alike. ConsignMed was created to address those concerns and set a new precedence in the industry.

Quite simply, we can do better.

Our Mission

Today, our mission is to enable organizations to gain efficiency by providing an exceptional service while building relationships, a quality business, and a reputation as a valuable industry facilitator and innovator.

We want to do something that matters to you and us.

Our Relationships

From day one, we have focused our efforts on relationships with brilliant, scientific people. We are inspired by science, people, and partnerships. As a result, we hold an unrivaled gift in identifying and cultivating relationships in our area of expertise. Our founders continue to carry this torch with active involvement in day-to-day management. ConsignMed understands the relationship does not end once we place a candidate within an organization, whether regionally or in-house. We continue to serve as a liaison, advocate, negotiator, and compliance partner.

We enjoy serving our clients, but don't take our word for it.
Ask us for client and consultant referrals.

Our Brand

ConsignMed’s brand is woven into everyday actions, decisions, and relationships. It is inevitability at the core of our client services. Whether you are the pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotech organization, or the scientific and clinical talent we represent; passion, active thought, and instinctual connections exist.

Inspire: Is there passion about the industry and opportunity?
Creative: Is there imaginative, flexible thinking?
Chemistry: Is there a connection amongst all parties?

Our Brand Mantra: Inspire Creative Chemistry
Our Positioning Statement: Put Brilliance to Work


Management Profiles

President and Chief Executive Officer
Noemi Raines, BSN, RN

Noemi is the CEO of ConsignMed, Inc., a clinical resourcing firm she founded in 2003. A nurse by education, Noemi grew business skills in start-up physician partnerships and corporate hospital environments. She then enhanced her scientific skills in clinical research as a monitor. Today, Noemi partners in several entities of varying size and discipline. She serves on multiple Boards and the Executive Leadership Team for The American Heart Association. Noemi also supports and mentors start-ups, women, and minorities in business. A business and nursing major, Noemi completed her degree in Nursing at the University of Texas.

Vice President, Operations
Osiris Villanueva, MS

Osi is the essential lead to ConsignMed’s business operations. For over 20 years, she has built organizational structures for multi-million dollar start-ups and corporations. From multi-specialty medical syndication to scientific clinical education, her abilities in healthcare administration are vast. Osi is an active volunteer in her local community. She is also trilingual and internationally trained with a Masters in Science, Economic Development.

Vice President, Clinical Affairs
Suzie Webster, BSN, RN


Credentialing Manager
Becky Holason


Finance Manager
Suzanne Lloyd


Compliance Officer
Faith Giraud




Looking for more than a paycheck?
Welcome to ConsignMed. We specialize in launching and enhancing relationships between medical manufacturers and great, clinical science talent.

We are talent agents for the sciences.

Not only do we connect you with prime freelance and direct employment projects, we continue to serve you with contract negotiation, new projects, credentialing, payroll support, and engaged leadership. Apply online. We look forward to serving you.


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